Anne's Embroidery

Digitizing and Embroidery

For students, teachers, and parents working on fund-raisers for their classes or clubs, I DO discount ALL work for the kids. Student groups will never pay a set-up// digitizing fee with me! Also, I do provide, for you and all of my clients, garments, etc..., at the same WHOLESALE pricing I pay. I do expect that you pay the overnight shipping from Dallas to Austin. For students; you will always receive a 20-percent discount (at least) for anything I embroider for you. This includes college students. I have found some wonderful fleece, tees, etc... that you might love!  
We also have links to specific women's and junior's sizes, including from LAT, American Apparrrel, Adidas, etc.., Send me an email and ask for links.
I hope this site is helpful to you in learning about my business AND in making a choice for your purchase of embroidered garments, etc...

Last-minute and past-deadline orders are no problem. And, I charge no extra for, "rush", orders. Just do 'em as they come in!