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Digitizing and Embroidery

About Anne's Embroidery

I have been in this biz for about 19 years. I studied graphic-design, sculpture; fine arts, for 5 of my 6 years in college, am an experienced embroidery digitizer AND embroiderer.

  I will take in any job and, as opposed to many in this field of work, require no minimus OR maximums! Please email your design in .jpeg format for a quote. Otherwise, give me a call and I can help you over the phone. If you need a logo (graphic-design), I can also provide that for you and, again, charge less than most designers.  Regarding digitizing, or set-up, fees, I do NOT charge by the stitch-count, in order to treat you and myself more fairly; I, instead, charge by the hour (50.00/hr) for your set-up and can usually have a left-chest logo done in under 2 hours... 

 I do take in digitizing jobs for other embroiderers and can send your design back to you faster than most;  usually, the very same day!  Also, I try and keep my fees lower than most as I know what it is like to count those pennies!


Mon-Fri -    9am until 6pm

Saturday - 10am untiltil 3pm

**closed Sundays ~~ Except for by Appointment and prior-advertised holidays**